The Kerlin Story

Kerlin’s Mid-Atlantic Distributors, Inc. delivers mushrooms direct from Kennett Square, Pa., the “mushroom capital of the world” – cut fresh and delivered daily under the highest quality controls.

Our president, Annette Kerlin, combines a family background of 60+ years in produce distribution with technology and management expertise. She keeps customer satisfaction high while holding expenses down – passing the benefits on to you.

We’re a woman-owned business that gives back to the community, supporting charities that serve children, the homeless, and animals.

Our company is driven by delivering the highest quality fresh mushrooms, a focus on customer satisfaction, and listening closely to customer needs. We are committed to continuous improvement, attention to detail, and always striving for excellence.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality fresh mushrooms while focusing on customer satisfaction and paying close attention to customer needs. We focus on constant improvement and are always striving for excellence.
— The Kerlin Promise

PO Box 309, Great Falls, VA 22066   -   703-404-2646   -   akerlin@kerlinsmushrooms.com